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The Supervisors have DCE Cache Level 3 and the majority of the staff have a current level 2 or above qualification in childcare and education. All of the staff have attended various courses to extend and update their skills and are engaged in a continuous training programme.

The majority of staff have a paediatric first aid qualification and a list is displayed on the notice board.

Each staff member is trained as a Keyperson and will monitor a small group of children. You will be informed during the first week of your child’s entry to playgroup who their Keyperson will be.

You can talk to any member of staff or the committee whenever you like, including your Keyperson. We also facilitate termly meetings between you and the Keyperson.

By their Christian names.

Yes – the last inspection was December 2015 in this inspection we were found to be outstanding. The link to download the report is below:

Yes. If your child attends Parent and Baby or Parent and Toddler Group, their name will automatically go onto the waiting list. Otherwise it is advisable to put your child’s name down around the time of their second birthday by contacting the Administrator.

The Administrator will inform you when a place is available. We endeavour to take children in at the start of the term during which their second birthday falls. In some instances we may be able to take them a little earlier, but that will depend on ages of current children and the waiting list.

No. You just need to provide a bag of spare nappies, wipes and clothing if appropriate. Please see the nappy changing and toileting policy.

Playgroup sessions start at 9.00. Please try not to arrive too early, as the staff are busy preparing for the session. We realize some parents will arrive early after dropping older children off at school. This is acceptable providing they stop to look after and take charge of their child until the Supervisor is ready to take responsibility for them.

This is important for insurance purposes. However, arriving too early and leaving your car may be an infringement of the parking regulations, so we would ask you to bear this in mind.

Yes we encourage parents to come into playgroup with their child and prefer parents NOT to leave children at the door.

On the pegs provided.

It is preferable that they don’t, although during the settling-in period comforters can be left with the staff. Please ensure no sweets or chewing gum is left in mouths or pockets when coming to playgroup as this can be very dangerous.

As the road has double yellow lines and no parking signs, we have negotiated a compromise with the Authorities to permit parents five minutes maximum dropping off/collection time. The Police have noticed that parents are arriving too early to either drop off or collect their children and sitting in their parked cars. They have also asked us to advise parents that they should think of people who live along the road, leaving sufficient room for them to access their garages/parking spaces. Please do not park too close to the junction leading to the Downs as this could cause an accident.

Should you think that your child might need you at the group for longer than the two minute drop off time, or have any other business at the group, which will exceed this time, please park your car on the Downs Estate and walk to the Playgroup.

Yes during the settling-in period or when on Parents Rota Days (see Parents Rota section below) Some children may initially take longer to settle in than others. The Supervisor will advise you whether it is best to leave or stay, but in most cases the child will settle better if the parent is not around.

West Looe Playgroup encourages a healthy eating policy. We routinely provide crackers or toast or breadsticks as well as fruit and vegetables. We also provide milk and water. There will be times that other food is provided, e.g. parties, birthdays, special themes. A notice is usually put out should the children be experimenting with foods, other than fruit, vegetables, biscuits or sandwiches.

It is important that you let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements your child might have on the registration form. For more information, please see the Food & Drink Policy.

Yes, only adults with valid DBS checks are allowed to accompany children to the toilet. Children go on request. We refer to the toilet as such, so if your child has a special name for it, please let us know on the registration form.

The Supervisor and staff do not smack children – they are not allowed to and it totally contravenes the ethos of the group. Generally the child is removed from the situation and taken to do something different. The member of staff will explain to them that their behavior is unacceptable and ask them to apologize if another child has been involved.

No, although we do encourage every child to choose a book to take home every day and occasionally there will be some things they can bring in to help with project work.

When collecting your child at the end of a session, please be prompt. Fro the safety of all playgroup children, we ask parents to wait outside until the Supervisor opens the door. This prevents children running outside and allows us to ensure the clocking out is done in an ordered fashion.

Please inform the Supervisor at the beginning of session if you have arranged for someone else to collect your child. This person should be someone who is either one of the other parents or one of the people nominated on your registration form. If you are running late, please telephone the playgroup. Our insurance only allows us to hold on to children for 15 minutes. If an alternative person cannot be found to collect your child, we may have to call Social Services.

Please do not put your child in their best clothes. Old clothes are best for playing in and we do provide overalls for messier play.

Yes, but some paint colors are harder to wash out than others.

Anything but flip flops or crocs. If your child wears wellies to playgroup, please ensure they are marked with your child’s name and bring a spare set of shoes for the session.

No, we keep a quantity of spare clothing for those little accidents.

All mums, dads or carers are required to take turns in the Parents Rota. It is necessary to run a rota as this ensures we remain well above our Adult/Child ratio. West Looe Playgroup prides itself on the number of adults.

Furthermore, participation in the rota gives parents and carers the chance to see how their child is getting on, to see how the session runs and to chat to staff about any issues. If you cannot attend on a certain day, please contact the Secretary and she will arrange to change your day and find a replacement for you.

All the children will sing Happy Birthday at a specific time during the session where they can blow out the candles on an artificial cake. However, if you wish to provide your own cake, please feel free to do so, but please ensure there are no nuts present.

Nursery Education Funding is available from the term after your child's third birthday (1st Jan, 1st Apr and 1st Sep) this means that if, for example, your child is born on 1st September, he/she will not be funded until 1st January despite when the actual autumn term starts). In some circumstances children may qualify for funding from the term after their 2nd birthday. Please contact the Family Information Service or ask a member of staff if you believe your child may be entitled to this. The Nursery Education Funding allows you to claim 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. If you have any questions on this, please contact the Administrator

The playgroup will do all the paperwork for you and send it off to Cornwall County Council.

Yes providing you do not claim more than 15 hours in total, although you can pay for top-ups.

Session fees are £10.50 per session. This is payable in advance for each half term during the first week. If fees are not paid promptly, your child’s place may be allocated to another child on the waiting list.

If you have any problems regarding payments, please see the Administrator who my be able to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Please hand a cheque made payable to West Looe Playgroup or the cash to The Supervisor who will give you a receipt.

Unfortunately you still have to pay, as we would be keeping the space open for your child. Refunds are only usually given if a child leaves.

Fees are used exclusively for the purpose of rent, heating, wages, insurance and day to day running costs.

West Looe Playgroup is self-supporting. Day to day running costs are paid for from fees, but in order to buy equipment, e.g. toys, games, paint, paper and to maintain the building, we need to raise funds. A committee is elected every year and they organize fund-raising events, but help is always required from parents to man stalls, sell tickets or even just to turn up and support us.

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