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Please inform the Supervisor at the beginning of session if you have arranged for someone else to collect your child. This person should be someone who is either one of the other parents or one of the people nominated on your registration form. If you are running late, please telephone the playgroup. Our insurance only allows us to hold on to children for 15 minutes. If an alternative person cannot be found to collect your child, we may have to call Social Services.

Please do not put your child in their best clothes. Old clothes are best for playing in and we do provide overalls for messier play.

Yes, but some paint colors are harder to wash out than others.

Anything but flip flops or crocs. If your child wears wellies to playgroup, please ensure they are marked with your child’s name and bring a spare set of shoes for the session.

No, we keep a quantity of spare clothing for those little accidents.

All mums, dads or carers are required to take turns in the Parents Rota. It is necessary to run a rota as this ensures we remain well above our Adult/Child ratio. West Looe Playgroup prides itself on the number of adults.

Furthermore, participation in the rota gives parents and carers the chance to see how their child is getting on, to see how the session runs and to chat to staff about any issues. If you cannot attend on a certain day, please contact the Secretary and she will arrange to change your day and find a replacement for you.

All the children will sing Happy Birthday at a specific time during the session where they can blow out the candles on an artificial cake. However, if you wish to provide your own cake, please feel free to do so, but please ensure there are no nuts present.

Nursery Education Funding is available from the term after your child's third birthday (1st Jan, 1st Apr and 1st Sep) this means that if, for example, your child is born on 1st September, he/she will not be funded until 1st January despite when the actual autumn term starts). In some circumstances children may qualify for funding from the term after their 2nd birthday. Please contact the Family Information Service or ask a member of staff if you believe your child may be entitled to this. The Nursery Education Funding allows you to claim 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. If you have any questions on this, please contact the Administrator

The playgroup will do all the paperwork for you and send it off to Cornwall County Council.

Yes providing you do not claim more than 15 hours in total, although you can pay for top-ups.

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